About of corporation

Information technologies are constantly developing, and we also try to keep up with them.

GlobalArt — creative web Studio founded back in 2003, we started with the development of primitive sites and at the moment, we are developing a huge information system.

Briefing of projects

In developing programs, we use only modern technologies, for example: web applications are developed in the PHP programming language, using the YII2 framework. Mobile applications are developed in Java and C++.


Для нас творчество — это самореализация, необычный и качественно новый взгляд в нашу повседневную жизнь. Это то, что мы делаем вместе и каждый член команды вносит свой вклад и идею в проект.

Our team

Our company employs more than 100 professionals, each of whom occupies exactly its place and is irreplaceable in its place, each working on a specific part of the project, one of the separate groups working with the functional part of the project (backend), the other group working on the design (frontend).