Excellent collection of radio stations for every taste in one player. A convenient way to listen to the radio on the Internet.

В HITMUSIC — вы сможете слушать радиостанции дома, на работе и даже в пути. (при наличии интернет-сигнала).


The first version of the player was released in 2013 and was developed in Actionscript 3.0, later, in 2017, the player was rewritten under the Yii2 framework, using Javascript and AngularJS.

Functions of the pleer

  • Stations list
  • Authentifications
  • Авторизация через социальные сети
  • Favorite stations
  • «Умный» поиск радиостанций по совпадениям

First version of the pleer

The first version of the HITMUSIC was written in AS 3.

Mobile version

В скором времени, мы планируем реализовать мобильное приложение под Android и IOS.


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